The Speedtail’s exterior is unlike anything else in the automotive world. Every element has been honed into the most aerodynamic shape possible. Air is channelled without interruption over, under and around the body – from the nose all the way to the innovative ailerons at the tail. While it’s an undeniably jaw-dropping aesthetic, everything speaks of the Speedtail’s extraordinary velocity.

This is a car shaped for performance. With a design that draws on the way the natural world has adapted forms to create the ultimate in stealth and speed. This is automotive design innovation on a new level. This is the Speedtail.

Drag Diminished

Purity of form. This was part of the single-minded design brief for the Speedtail. And an objective that has been brought to life… with jaw-dropping results. But every line, every curve is there for a reason. To reduce drag. And to keep the airflow attached to the vehicle. When viewed from above, the car has a distinctive teardrop shape – the most speed-efficient natural form, as seen in high velocity birds and fish. It channels air in a seamless, uninterrupted way. Seen from the side, the Speedtail’s strikingly sleek outline ends in the elongated tail. Shutlines – gaps in panels – are at an absolute minimum to prevent turbulent air over the body. Inspired by nature yet honed by the latest technology… the look of the Speedtail may be beautiful. But it is purposeful to the last millimetre.


Wheels create turbulence. As they spin, they push disrupted air away from the vehicle. This increases drag and ultimately slows a car down. Not so with the Speedtail. It features lightweight carbon fibre front wheel aero covers incorporated into the 20” alloys. The covers do not rotate with the wheel but stay fixed in place. This creates a flat surface that smooths airflow. It actually keeps the passing air snug to the body of the car. And guides it towards the blades on the leading edge of the dihedral doors. This smooths the airflow so the Speedtail can pass through with minimum disruption.

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